1930 Joseph Masewicz Census

1930 Joseph Masewicz Census

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1930 US Census  Taken April, 5th 1930
1813 Wharton St., Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania 15203  

Number of Dwelling in order of visitation52     
Number of Family in order of Visitation75     
Name of each person whose place of abode on April 1, 1930, was in this familyMasewicz     
Relationship of this person to the head of the familyHeadSonSonDaughterSonSon
Home owned or rentedO     
Value of Home$4,000.00      
Color or RaceWWWWWW
Age at last Birthday48191613108
Marital conditionMSSSSS
Age of first marriage28     
attended school or college any time since Sept. 1, 1929nonoyesyesyesyes
whether able to read and writenoyesyesyesyes 
Place of birth: personPolandPennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaPennsylvania
Place of birth: FatherPolandPolandPolandPolandPolandPoland
Place of birth: MotherPolandPolandPolandPolandPolandPoland
Language spoken in home before coming to the United StatesPolish     
Year of immigration to the United States1905     
NaturalizationAL (alien)     
Whether able to speak EnglishYesYesYesYesYesYes
IndustryReduction Co.TruckIce Cream Co.   
Class of workerWWW   
Whether actually at work yesterday or the last regular working dayYesNoNo   
Line number for unemployed 45   

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