1924 Kasimierz Mojsiewicz Manifest

1924 Mojsiewicz Manifest 1

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1924 Mojsiewicz Manifest 2

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Record Detail

List or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the United States Immigation Officer at Port of Arrival 
ShipSS Lituania
Sailing FromDanzig
Arriving AtNew York, N.Y.

No. on List10111213
Head-TaxStatus  U.S. CAU.S. CA
 Family NameMojsiewiczMojsiewiczMojsiewiczMojsiewicz
 Given NameKazimierzMariaMarjaEdward
 Age Yrs.463396
 Age Mos.xx  
 Married or Singlemmss
 Calling or Occupationlaborer-farmerwifechildchild
Able toReadyesyesnono
 Read LanguagesPolishPolishchild NONEchild NONE
 Race or PeoplePolishPolishPolishPolish
Last Permanent ResidenceCountryPolandPolandPolandPoland
 City or TownMiciewszyznaMiciewszyznaMiciewszyznaMiciewszyzna
The name and complet address of nearest relative orfriend in country whence alien cameFather: Jozef Mohsiewicz, Misiewszyzna,p.Troki,PolandFather i.l.: "Grandfather: "Grandfather: "
Final DestinationStatePa.Pa.Pa.Pa.
 City or TownPittsburghPittsburghPittsburghPittsburgh
Whether having a ticketto such final destinationyesyesyesyes
By whom waspassage paidSelfHusband see L.10.father see L.10.father see L.10.
Whether in possession of $50and if less how much?yes 300nonono
Whether ever before in the USYes or Noyesyesyesyes
 Year or Period1902-19221902-19221913-19221915-1922
Whether joining relative or friend; if sowhat person, name, complete addressBrother: Jozef Mojsiewicz, 1806 Clifton Str. Pittsburgh, PaBrother i.l.: "Uncle: " "" " "
Intends to returnto country whence camenononono
Length of timeplans to stayperm.perm.perm.perm.
Intends to becomea citizenyesyesyesyes
Ever in prison US Visa 2859, Wars.14/11/24-noUS Visa 2860,Wars.14/11/24-noUS Passport 15.11.24US Passp.313,Wars.15.11.24
 Whether a polygamistnononono
 Whether an anarchistnononono
 Overthrow the Govtnononono
Alien previouslydeportednononono
 Condition of healthgoodgoodgoodgood
 Deformed or Cripplednononono
Color ofHairfairfairfairfair
 Marks of identificationnonenonenonenone
Place of BirthCountryPolandPolandU.S.AU.S.A
 City or TownMiszewzisnaMiszewzisnaPittsburghPittsburgh

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