1918 Joe Misavitch WWI Draft Registration

1918 Joe Misavitch WWI Draft Registration

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Record Detail

World War I Draft Registration

Registration Card



NAME (First, Middle, Family):  Joe Misavitch

PERMANENT HOME ADDRESS:  Cor 18th & Merrimac St. SS, Pittsburgh, Ally, Pa

Age by Years:  43

Date of Birth:  1875

Race (White/Negro/Oriental):  White

U.S. Citizen (Native Born/Naturalized/Citizen by Fathers Naturalization):

Alien (Citizen/Non-Citizen):  Non-Citizen

If not a citizen of the U.S. of what nation are you a citizen or subject:  Russia Poland

Present Occupation:  Pit Helper @ No 30 Open Hearth

Employer’s Name:  Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. (S.S.)

Place of Employment or business:  27th & Carson, Pittsburgh, Ally, Pa

Nearest Relative:  Wife

            Name:  Mary Misavitch

            Address:  Cor 18th + Merrimac Sts Pittsburg Ally Pa

Description of registrant

Height (Tall/Medium/Short): 

Build (Slender/Medium/Stout): 

Color of Eyes:  Blue

Color of Hair:  Light Brown

Has person lost arm, leg, hand, eye, or is he obviously physically disqualified? (SPECIFY):  Hole in top of head from operation

Date of Registration:  Sept. 12, 1918

Note:  Form was signed with an X “his mark”, indicating he could not write

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